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The final goal of an RFP is to acquire proposals, compare them, and select the best vendor.

But before you can get to that stage, you need to create a solid RFP. Without it, you will not be able to attract the best vendors and partners, no matter how great your organisation or idea is.

It’s important to create an RFP that is both thorough and detailed – but also easy to understand and possibly concise. You want to keep everyone on the same page, and you want to make sure that they’re able to understand what you’re looking for.
The RFP process can be challenging, but it is an essential part of being successful in soliciting top partners.

If You are a:
  • Entrepreneur
  • Product or Project manager
  • Marketer
  • Creative
  • Developer
If You are building a:
  • SaaS
  • Website or e-commerce
  • Mobile or web app
  • UI, UX or branding
  • Custom software

An ambiguous, incomplete RFP is a one-way ticket to disasterville

Being imprecise before a project even starts will lead to disastrous outcomes – like selecting a vendor that’s unable to meet the requirements and that doesn't understand the end goal. A poorly-written RFP will certainly result in wasted time and resources – on both sides . Don’t make these common mistakes!

Advantages of a great RFP

Having a well-crafted RFP helps you communicate effectively with potential vendors – which is a core component necessary to establish the necessary approach and give accurate estimates, especially in terms of cost and timelines. Additionally, it supports you in being more strategic about your business and how it will expand in the future. These two advantages alone make the process completely worthwhile!

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